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*Established 2012

  • The Gregg & Mybrid Upgrade, Inc. (The GMU) was established in 2012 as an IT company comprised of the two founders, Gregg Yearwood (CEO) and Mybrid Wonderful (CTO). We have no employees but sub-contract out on a regular basis. Mybrid works remote from Maine exclusively and Gregg works remote when the work allows, but is otherwise on site in the San Fancisco, Bay Area.


  • This web site, https://www.thegmu.com/, is designed and hosted by our company. The web site is built using the latest Python Django and Bootstrap 4 software. The site is hosted on our eight core CPU server co-located at Hurricane Electric. In addition we also host our own souce code GIT server, our own wiki TWiki server, and our own file sharing NextCloud server. We can offer these services to our clients.
  • | Agile | Apache | Atlassian Bamboo | Atlassian JIRA | Bash | BitBucket | Buildbot | C/C++ | Cypress.io | DevOps | Git | HTML | JSON | JavaScript | JavaScript Bootstrap 4 | Jenkins | Linux CentOS | Linux RHEL | Linux Ubuntu | Make | MySQL | NextCloud | Open Source | Perl | PostgreSQL | Python 2, 3 | Python Biopython | Python Django | Python PETL | Python Pytest | Python SQLAlchemy | ReST | SDLC | SQLite | Selenium | System Admin | VMWare ESXi | XML |


  • Corporate Service

    Our primary service is general Linux/Python contracting in the following areas. We bill by the hour. We are like lawyers in that we bill by the hour only for hours worked. We regularly contract for projects that require forty-hours per week but accept short-term contract work as well.
    • Python Application Development
    • Python Django/ReST Internal Web Application Development
    • Project Linux System Administration
    • Development Environment Automation
    • Test Environment Automation
    • Data Management. i.e. Extract, Translate, Load (ETL)
    • Provisioning
    • Linux Distro Management
    • Bug Tracking System Administration
  • Micro-Business & Personal Service

    We here at The GMU are a two person, micro-business and understand the challenges of finding micro-business IT service. If one is willing to pay our corporate hourly rates then we offer our access to own physical server at Hurricane Electric in Fremont California with permanent, secure VMs. We provide these VMs at no additional cost to you. Once the development work is complete then the work will transfer to the production cloud provider you are currently using.


  • Test IT

    Gregg and Mybrid met in 2011 and The GMU started in 2012 with a philosophy to work in open source providing quatliy derived from disciplined testing. That is still our philosopy today. Test first. The GMU pricing and schedules include testing effort and experience. Testing has gone out of vogue in certain industries where "move fast and break things" has become the norm. We here at The GMU started our careers in the 1990s when testing was the expecation and we retain that philsophy even today.
  • Open Source

    We primarily work with Linux and Python open source products. Other than that we work with the technologies that our clients require. One exception primarily focusing on open source has been our many years we've both spent working with the Atlassain suite of products: JIRA and Bamboo. JIRA seems to be a most robust ticketing system where Bamboo is a tightly integrated build system. Bamboo is not as widely used as JIRA and we have years of experinece working with Jenkins, Buildbot and other Bamboo alternatives.


  • Below is a domain list representative of the kinds of domains we have worked in.
    • Financial Industry (Charles Schwab, Blackrock)
    • Biotech Industry (Affymetrix, Intrexon)
    • File System Industry (Hitachi Data Systems)
    • IT Services (IBM, Hitachi Data Systems)
    • Social Media (Picso)
    • Library Systems (Montery Pennisula College)


  • Laptops

    Our primary day-to-day operations are conducted on our company Lenovo P50 development laptops. These laptops have fully encrypted OS and backup disks. The laptops have four core CPUs and 64GB of RAM. When on assignment we use VirtualBox to host a client dedicated VM. This makes things easy where the isolated machine secures the client work from other work and when a contract ends we simply delete the VM.
  • Co-location

    We currently have an 8 core CPU server co-located at Hurricane Electric in Fremont California. We are currently using four of the eight available drive bays for storage. We have six permanent VMs established for hosting our corporate web site as well as development VMs