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   General Software Contractor

Below are just some examples of our previous projects and represent the kinds of projects we can do for you.

Web Projects

  1. Company Web Sites (i.e. this web site)
  2. Enterprise Web Sites (wikis, internal applications)
  3. Biotech LIMS
  4. Financial (stock trading)

Infrastructure Projects

  1. 100 Dell Servers with edge switch networking
  2. 100 Linux servers deployed on VMWare ESXI
  3. Asset Management
  4. SAMBA file server
  5. OpenVPN
  6. Redhat OS
  7. Ubuntu OS
  8. Kickstart VM Automation

Software Projects

  1. DNA Construction CLI with 20,000 code lines of Python
  2. Continuous Integration Test Automation, Test Harness using Python
  3. ETL Java Objects storage to PostgreSQL , Schema design of 2GB size across 50 tables
  4. ETL daily download/upload in Python and Perl

QA Test Automation Projects

  1. Bash Linux Boot Scripts
  2. Perl, Python Custom Build Tools
  3. Buildbot, Jenkinn, Bamboo Build Automation
  4. JIRA, GIT, SVN, ClearCase, Release Management
  5. Python Package Management
  6. VMWare VM Deployment
  7. YAML & MySQL Configuration Management
  8. TestLink Test Case Management