GAP* Software Contractors

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The GMU Painting
  1. “GAP Software Projects are small, one year-ish projects that do not justify existing engineers nor justify a new hire. We are your GAP project, software development company.” – Gregg & Mybrid
  2. “We specialize in generalize. We both have over twenty-years experience as generalists spread out over thirty companies and hundreds of projects in IT and software development. Our careers are built on specializing in generalizing. We love to dive right in.” – Gregg & Mybrid
  3. “We are a remote company. GAP Projects have well defined requirements and low communication needs. Further, we have decades of experience managing software and IT projects from inception-to-maintenance that supports our remote working team.” – Gregg & Mybrid

Credits & Notes:
  1. GMU Painting & Birdie Aritist: Deborah Barba
  2. GMU Painting Description: A mash up of the book, “The Hitchers Guide The Galaxy“, and the TV series, “Firefly“. The GMU upgrade cows are squashing the Vogon bugs sent down to destroy the Earth to make way for a galactic freeway. The GMU mascot is pressing the “Don't Panic“ button. We are the cows that gaaa moo!
  3. We lovingly and proudly** sponsor local artists.
  4. We are not a faceless corporation. We liken ourselves to happy cows that go “gaaa mooo“. Welcome and join us in upgrading life.
  5. *GAP, noun: 1. a small, one year-ish effort.
  6. **proudly, noun: 1. cash, we pay cash.